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Chimney Sweep

Why does my chimney need sweeping?

Keep your chimney clean to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning

1)  Soot builds up over time, therefore sweeping will drastically reduce the chance of a chimney fire.

2)  A swept chimney will make sure the flue is clear to allow dangerous fumes to escape safely out of the chimney. Many factors can affect the way your chimney works. A professional sweep will advise and identify unsafe conditions such as birds nests, poor installation, incorrect flue terminals and building debris within the chimney flue.

3)  Your house insurance may be invalid if you have a chimney fire with no proof of sweeping.

4)  A restricted flue will lower the draw of smoke upwards. Insufficient draw will not only cause dangerous fumes to enter your living space, but can also blacken your room and create unwanted fire smell.

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Fires must be swept regularly.

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